NU Public Interest Program

Building a Network of Engaged Citizens to Inspire Change

Application Process

Candidates for the NUPIP Fellowship must submit:

  • The completed NUPIP Application, including two short answer questions
  • A sample cover letter – select an NUPIP Host Organization from our list of past partners and write a cover letter expressing your interest in an NUPIP placement with the organization
  • A current resume that reflects relevant academic achievements, work and volunteer experience, leadership and extracurricular activities, and professional skills
  • A current academic transcript (official or unofficial) from Northwestern University and any other institution where the applicant was awarded credit
  • One recommendation from a professional who can attest to the applicant’s work experience and skills, such as a job or internship supervisor, club or organization advisor, etc. – preview the recommendation form


Selection & Placement Process

Candidates participate in a selection process by an NUPIP Selection Committee and by Host Organizations before becoming Fellows. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Application Review: Complete applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee composed of Northwestern faculty, staff, former NUPIP Fellows, and other friends of the program. Select applicants are invited to move forward to an interview.
  • Interview & Finalist Selection: Select candidates participate in an interview with members of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee determines which candidates are selected as Finalists. Finalists then participate in an orientation to the matching process.
  • Matching Process: Meanwhile, host organizations submit proposals to host NUPIP Fellows. NUPIP matches Finalists to Host Organizations in rounds. Each round, Finalists review specific job descriptions and prepare cover letters and resumes for each position.
  • Selection by Host Organizations: Host Organizations review Finalists’ cover letters and resumes, conduct interviews with top Finalists, and select a Finalist for each position. A Finalist becomes a Fellow when a Host Organization with which a Finalist has interviewed extends a job offer and the Finalist accepts the position. Candidates selected as Finalists will learn more about the matching and placement process.


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